Purchase A Compact Dining Set To Use In Your Sunroom

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A new sunroom that adjoins your kitchen may persuade you to serve brunch or informal lunches in the new space. If your sunroom will be used to display your extensive plant collection, you may be interested in purchasing a compact dining set. 

Fade-Resistant Covers And Easy-To-Clean Surfaces

A dining set that contains ornate trim or wooden slats with deep grooves may not be easy to clean, especially if your youngsters are prone to spilling food and drinks. Look for metal-framed chairs that contain fade-resistant covers since the furnishings will be prone to sun exposure. A smooth formica or plastic tabletop or one that contains a thick pane of glass can be wiped off quickly after each meal.

Lightweight furnishings that contain roller bases will add a dimension of versatility to the new dining ensemble. Maybe on some days, you would like potted plants to surround your eating area, while on other days, you would like to be further away from the greenery. A table and chair set that is easy to move will allow you to change the dining setup, and when it comes time to vacuum or mop the flooring in the room, you can push the furnishings out of the way before doing so.

An Elevated Dining Experience

When you eat at a bar or tavern that offers elevated tables and seating, your view may seem much different than if you were to be accommodated with a shorter table and chair combo. A bistro or bar height set that is constructed of bamboo or smooth pieces of wood that have been sealed will add a rustic touch to the sunroom. Choose a table and chairs that are adjustable if you would like to reserve the taller style for intimate candlelit dinners and would like to use the standard setup when you are dining alone or alongside your children.

Pick a table that contains built-in storage under its tabletop. Small side cubbies can be used to store napkins, placemats, and condiments. A built-in lazy Susan is another feature that may assist with serving.

Since the tabletop may not be as spacious as one that a standard-sized table would possess, a lazy Susan will provide a place for you to set platters of food that are being served during each meal. Instead of asking each family member to pass the potatoes or another dish, simply turn the lazy Susan, until the dish you would like to get food from is right in front of you.

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