Building A Custom Home Bar? 3 Things You Will Need

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When you want to relax with your friends and have a drink, nothing comes in handy quite like a custom home bar. In addition to making it simple to grab what you need, a custom home bar can be an attractive addition to your home, building value and making your space perfect for entertaining. Here are three things you will definitely need if you want a custom home bar.    

1.    Solid Wood Components

Although there are certainly less-expensive components available on the market, springing for high-end, solid wood bar components is a good investment. Solid wood won't be prone to chipping or cracking like some lower-end components, and the wood can be stained beautifully to meld with your home décor. Solid wood bars can also help you to make the space more functional since it can be cleaned easily and refinished if you ever switch gears with your style. When you shop for a new bar, look for a carpenter who has experience working with the types of materials you are after. Also, show them pictures of home bars you like so they can build it to your specifications.     

2.    Glassware Sets

Every type of liquor is served in different types of glasses, which is why you need a variety of different glasses to make your home bar perfect. From wine glasses and champagne flutes to beer mugs and shot glasses, collecting glassware can make your home bar experience feel truly customized. When you shop for glassware, think about the number of people you usually have over, and make sure to buy at least that quantity of each variety of glass. Additionally, pay attention to the quality of the glasses you buy so the glasses stand up against wear and tear.     

3.    An Icemaker

When a friend wants a cold drink, you won't want to break the news that you are out of ice. Although it may seem like an opulent addition, consider investing in a personal icemaker. These simple machines are incredibly effective at generating the type of ice you want, helping you to serve cold, frosty drinks quickly and efficiently. Remember, if you want to make your own home bar, you can always work with a professional contractor to take care of things. After giving them your dimensions and showing them the space, they can help you to create a gorgeous space where you can entertain others. Find out more about how they can help by meeting with a professional today.