4 Tips To Buy The Best Furniture For A Spare Bedroom

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After moving into a house from a rental apartment or condo, you may have brought over a lot of furniture and belongings to put in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. But, you may not have had a spare bedroom in your old residence, which means you may need to put time and effort into shopping for furniture to furnish the space to accommodate any guests. While you may know the basics of what you need, you should consider doing everything that you can to provide your guests with a positive experience when staying in your home.


An essential purchase for the guest bedroom is a mattress because you need to provide all your guests with something to sleep on while they stay overnight. Since you do not know the sleeping preferences for your guests, you may not want to get an overly soft or firm mattress. By going with medium firmness, you can avoid situations in which any guests feel uncomfortable. Another option is to go above and beyond to make sure they are happy by finding an adjustable mattress. This will allow each guest to customize the bed with their ideal firmness setting.

Bed Frame

Along with the mattress, you will need to purchase a bed frame for the bedroom. Some people may enjoy sleeping as close to the floor as possible while others like to be up high. To maximize the chance of making every guest happy, you should not favor either tall or short beds. A furniture store expert can help you choose a frame that will put the bed at an average height.

Clothes Rack

If you are using all the bedrooms with closets for your own family or you are using the guest bedroom closet for storage, you should still provide guests with a place to hang clothes. This is something that you can easily accomplish by purchasing a clothes rack for the bedroom. Getting one with wheels is ideal, as you can move it easily and your guests can adjust it at any time.


To make sure your guests have a place to store clothes aside from in the closet or on a clothes rack, you should pick up a dresser. While a basic dresser should do the trick, you may want to allow for easy organization with ample drawers and avoid drawers that make loud noises.

Heading to a furniture store with the right game plan might be all that you need to make the right purchases for the guest bedroom in your new home.