Corners And Odd Angles — How To Take Advantage Of Them

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Corners are an often underutilized and underappreciated part of any room's interior decor. How can you make better use of your corners and odd angles? Here are a few great ways to use them to advantage.

Make It a Centerpiece. Rather than try to minimize a corner or camouflage it, why not make it a focal point? A corner is a great place to display something that doesn't quite fit in other places of the home. It could be an oversize piece of art, a large piece of memorabilia from your travels, or a homemade piece of pottery. If it doesn't make sense in other, slimmer areas, try making it the focal point of a corner.

Add Rounded Furnishings. It's hard to fit furnishings into a corner, and it's even harder to use an odd angle. The best way to use the space to your advantage is to fit it with a rounded furniture piece (or pieces). Rounded sectionals are great choices, as they provide additional seating and minimize odd angles by covering them over to soften them. You could opt for a single sectional or a grouping of furnishings. 

Plant It. If the corner isn't quite right for a group of furniture, why not add a bunch of plants. Bushy and soft plants cover over the strange angles with an organic softness, and they bring the edges forward to make it easier to decorate straight lines. You could use a corner table as a plant base, garden vertically on shelves or a baker's rack, or use stepped angles to plant upwards.

Create a Nook. A corner is a great space for a single person to enjoy some solitude. For instance, a reading nook consisting of a comfortable chair and table with a lamp is a great option for a simple corner. Want a little bit more? Add a coffee station in a kitchen corner, a work station for a home office in a tight space, or even a hanging chair for kids to enjoy while playing their favorite hand-held games. The interior decor options are only limited by your budget and interests. 

Add Custom Cabinets. Do you need more storage? Most Americans can use more storage options, and an unused corner provides many choices. Customize a set of vertical cabinets that go from floor to ceiling to take advantage of the entire space. You can also add drawers, a small table surface, or a hanging bar depending on the room's needs. 

What can you do with the odd angles in your own home? Any of these ideas — from decorative to practical — will help you find the right use for it. For more information and tips, contact your local interior design services.