4 Things To Consider When Buying A Piece Of Furniture To Place Near A Window

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When you purchase a new piece of furniture, you should buy something that will look good in your home. This means that you should consider where you will place it and how it will interact with the other furniture and room decor. If you plan to place a piece of furniture, such as a sofa or chair, near a window, it is important that you take the following factors into consideration. 

Access to the Window 

You will likely want to be able to use your window after you place your furniture. For some people, this means moving their furniture away from the wall so they can walk behind the furniture to access the window. For others, this may mean purchasing furniture that is shorter than the level of the window sill. Purchasing furniture that is the exact height of the window sill will create a clean line in your room and allow you to easily open and close your windows, whether they swing in or out. 

Potential for Fading 

Over time, sunlight will cause most fabrics to fade. You can reduce this by applying UV blocking tint to your windows. However, you cannot stop the problem fully. To reduce the effects of fading, you should choose solid fabric as opposed to fabric with intricate patterns. Additionally, you should opt for lighter colored fabrics, which tend not to show fading as much as darker fabrics. 

Potential for Heating During the Summer 

Some types of furniture material can hold heat when it is exposed to direct sunlight. For example, you may find that a leather couch as well as some plastic chairs can get uncomfortable to sit on during the summer. When you are deciding what type of furniture to purchase for under your window, you should make sure that it does not absorb heat and is comfortable to sit on even on hotter days. 

Blending With the Outdoor View 

Most of your furniture will only have to match your indoor style. However, with a piece that is placed near a window, you will have to consider how the furniture looks against your outdoor backdrop. Ideally, you will get a piece of furniture that compliments the view and draws people's attention towards the outdoors. However, if that is not possible, you should look for furniture that does not clash with your view. 

Buying furniture to place near a window can be a difficult choice. Make sure to keep the above in mind while you are shopping. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like http://www.fickesfurniture.com.