Four Cool Furniture Trends for Your Modern, Art-Inspired Kitchen

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If you're trying to create a kitchen with a modern look and a touch of artistic flair, then you'll want to pay close attention to the furniture you choose. The right pieces can completely transform the look of a kitchen from mundane to extraordinary. Here's a look at four modern furniture trends to consider incorporating.

Bright colors.

You'll see a lot of modern kitchen furniture that's mostly neutral with a pop of a single, bright color. For instance, you may find a bar stool with black legs and a bright yellow upholstered seat, or a kitchen table with plain wooden legs and a violet top. Look for a piece like this that speaks to you, and then choose your color scheme based around it. For instance, you can use the same bright color in your drapes or rugs to pull the look together.

Ornate hardware.

For a while, sleek nickle hardware was stylish, but now many furniture designers are stepping back in time and using more ornate designs for things like drawer pulls and door handles. Look for these embellishments on any furnishings you buy. They are a small, inconspicuous way to add more texture and interest to your space. You can even find custom hardware with your initials or a favorite emblem carved into it.

Words used as decorations.

The written word is an art form, and when you have the right words, you only need a few of them to evoke the right emotions. A lot of modern furniture makers are using words in their designs. For example, you may see a dining-room chair set with words embossed on the chair backs or an accent table with a short poem printed on its top. Look for a piece of furniture that features words that convey the type of feelings you want visitors to your kitchen to experience. A poem about family, the words "eat and be merry," or the names of certain foods are all good choices.

Natural elements.

The kitchen is a place where you should feel in touch with the earth, and furniture featuring natural materials can help with that. Look for items made from cork, bamboo, or reclaimed lumber. They'll all speak to the art of designing something simple and meaningful.

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