Ways to Repurpose Old Office Furniture to Make It New

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Office furniture can sometimes be very clunky and heavy, but don't let that scare you from using this type of furniture in your home. You can repurpose those old file cabinets or desks to make them look like new. See below for a handful of ways to use old office furniture in your home.

Metal File Cabinets

  1. Take those old metal file cabinets (the two-drawer ones) and give them new life by turning them into a desk. Put two cabinets on either side of a large piece of pine wood. Alternatively, you can use a wood butcher block countertop cut to fit. If using pine wood, you can stain the wood whatever color you like. For the metal cabinets, make them look like new by painting them with chalk paint for a modern look. You can also add new handles to change out those old metal handles and give the cabinets a look to match with the rest of your decor. Take things a step further by gluing a cheap picture frame to the face of each drawer to make your cabinets look a little more expensive. Paint the entire cabinet the same color (frame included).
  2. You can also use four (two-drawer) filing cabinets and turn them into a crafting table. Put a filing cabinet on each corner and add a large square piece of wood to the top. You should have open areas all around the crafting table to place chairs. The cabinets enable you to have plenty of space for storage of your crafting necessities. This is a great space for an adult crafter or even for a children's playroom.

Wooden Desks

Take those old desks and bring them into the new century by adding a bright and beautiful color. Using chalk paint can give your desk a nice modern farmhouse feel, or you can sand the desk down and stain it for a more traditional look. You can even take that wooden desk and use it for something other than a desk. Take a plain table desk and use it for an entryway table or even a small kitchen table.

Office Chairs

Update an old office chair by replacing the fabric with new fabric to match your decor. You can cover the old fabric or strip the chair down and then replace the fabric. If the chair is wooden, you can paint it with chalk paint or sand it down and restain it. Add a nice cushion or chair pad to a plain wooden chair for a more comfortable seat.

Office furniture that is still sturdy and in good condition should be given a new chance at life. A coating of paint can go a long way, so don't overlook those old clunky pieces. To find used office furniture, check out companies like Arizona Office Solutions