3 Features Of Toddler-Friendly Living Room Furniture

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If you are preparing to have a baby, then your focus may be on getting your nursery ready for the newborn. However, you should also glance at the rest of the furniture in your home to make sure that it is toddler-friendly. After all, the baby days will fly by and your little one will likely be cruising around your living room before you know it. Below are the three main features that you should look for when choosing furniture for a living room where toddlers will regularly be present. 

Rounded Corners 

While learning to walk, babies will stumble and fall. After they have mastered walking, they will often move on to purposefully tumbling. All of this movement puts your child at risk for frequently bumping their head on your living room furniture. To make sure that bumps result in no more than a minor bruise, you should avoid sharp corners or edges. Instead, look for furniture that has rounded corners and smooth edges. For items such as coffee tables, consider getting an upholstered table to pad the edges. For bookcases and entertainment centers, simply look for more rounded edges and corners. 

Easy to Clean

From potty-training accidents to spilled juice, your furniture will likely suffer from many spills during your child's young years. For soft furniture such as couches and chairs, choose leather, which is easy to wipe down, or opt for easy-to-remove slipcovers that you can wash often. For hard furniture, opt for furniture that has a clear coating, which will make it stand up to frequent cleanings better than furniture without any type of coating. Plastic and MDF can be good temporary options while your child is young. However, a coated wood piece will likely last longer. 

Locakable Storage

It is a good idea to store child-friendly items in any cupboards or shelves that your child can reach. However, for cabinets just out of their reach, you should consider getting lockable options. If the cabinet does not come with a lock, you should make sure that it can easily support a temporary safety catch, which can be removed as your child grows. This will keep your belongings safe and also prevent your little one from pinching their fingers in cabinet doors. 

Purchasing long-lasting toddler-friendly furniture will help make sure that your space can accommodate your child as they grow, making your living room more comfortable for your entire family. Go to a showroom, like Plains Furniture, for more ideas.