Mattress Care Tips For Your Guest Room

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Your guest bedroom may not get major use, so it is easy to overlook the mattress and forget to care for it properly. Although the bed is only used intermittently, you still need to take some steps to ensure it is in good condition when the bed is called into duty. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Continue to flip

It may seem unnecessary to flip a mattress that is rarely slept upon, but it is still necessary. This is because a mattress can develop saggy spots from any irregularities in the support from the frame. Most beds have open frames, which is why this is an issue even on seldom used mattresses. If your guest bed is a platform frame, where support is even across the whole mattress, flipping isn't as vital. A good time to flip is during the spring and fall time changes. Rotate the mattress head to foot in the spring, and then flip the whole thing over in the fall.

Tip #2: Use a mattress cover

There are many reasons to use a mattress cover, but the most important are to protect against stains and to guard against bed bugs. Select a cover that is bed bug proof. Your guests can inadvertently track in these pests from a hotel stay prior to arriving at your house. Even without the threat of bed bugs, the cover also makes it easy to clean the mattress, since you simply remove the cover and wash instead of trying to scrub the mattress. There are also covers available to use on the pillows.

Tip #3: Don't use the bed for storage

It can be tempting to stack things on the flat surface of the bed if you use the guest room for storage or other purposes when you don't have guests. The problem with this is that weight sitting on the mattress for days or weeks can damage the springs, leading to a lumpy, uncomfortable bed. It's fine to use the bed to store coats during an evening party, but it isn't a great place to stack the boxes of holiday décor until you have time to put them away.   

Tip #4: Keep it made

Finally, always keep the guest made up to some extent. You don't have to have all the sheets and blankets in place when the bed isn't in use, but you should at least cover it with a comforter, duvet, or top quilt. Not only does this look nicer, it helps protect the mattress from dust. You can simply wash the comforter before making up the bed for guests. This can help prevent the stale smell some under-used guests rooms develop from musty and dusty mattresses.