What Are Some Of The Most Popular Types Of Mattresses On The Market Today?

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Getting enough sleep is just as important as eating the right foods and getting regular exercise. The body must obtain adequate rest to grow properly and function at its best. The quality of sleep one gets is often determined by the type of mattress the person sleeps on. There are many different types of mattresses available, as well as various mattress brands for each type. The following are some of the most popular mattresses on the market today. 

Innerspring Mattresses 

Innerspring mattresses have been a popular type of mattress for many years. This type of mattress uses a steel coil support system that is surrounded by various types of foam, fiber, padding and upholstery materials. These mattresses offer both stability and comfort.

The coil system makes them strong and durable and the other softer materials ensure the mattress is comfortable to sleep on. There are different levels of softness and firmness available in innerspring mattresses as well.

Pillow Top Mattresses 

Pillow top mattresses are also a consumer favorite. These are usually innerspring mattresses that have an extra layer of cushion sewn on the top to provide additional comfort. This layer may be made of a variety of different types of foam or fiber which can greatly enhance the softness of the mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses 

Memory foam mattresses are made of a high density polyurethane foam. This foam may be the main support system of the mattress, either only on the exterior layer or on both the interior and exterior layers. This type of mattress is very popular because it literally contours to the shape of the person sleeping on it. Memory foam retains its original shape when pressure is removed from it which also makes it very durable.

Gel Mattresses 

Gel mattresses are also becoming a more popular choice among consumers. Gel mattresses contain a foam that also has a special type of gel material in the support system and the upholstery layers. Gel mattresses are often available with different features such as adjustable firmness levels, as well as heating and cooling options.

With the many options available in types of mattresses, it has become much easier for consumers to find a healthy, comfortable way to sleep. There are even mattresses on the market that offer the ability to adjust firmness, heating and cooling, and massage features differently on each side of the bed. This is very beneficial to couples who have different preferences about which firmness, temperature or massage features should be used when lying down.