New Home Furniture?: Four Ways To Dispose Of Or Reuse The Old Stuff

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So, you finally sprung for new home furniture? Wondering what you can do with the old stuff? There are actually several ways to either dispose of or reuse the old furniture, and some of these ways can be quite fun. Here are four ideas to get you started.

Reupholster It and Put It in the Den

Some old furniture just needs a facelift and a new locale. If members of your family cannot let go of living room furniture, like a recliner or loveseat, you could have these pieces reupholstered and then put them in the den. If you do not have a den, then a finished basement, guest bedroom, man-cave or clubhouse works just as well.

Donate It to Your Local Community Theater

If the furniture is not too worn and your pets have not turned it into an animal latrine, you can donate the used furniture to your local community theater. Theater groups use period pieces of furniture in many of the shows they perform. Even if your couch is less than a decade old, it will eventually come to represent a bygone era, and that is something the acting company can use.

Bust It Up for Firewood

If you are replacing your kitchen table and chairs or your bedroom set and the old stuff is quite beat up, you can beat it up a little further by breaking it down and using it for firewood. Not only is this a good way to say goodbye to old, worn out furniture, but also an excellent way to reuse the wood to keep warm all winter. Additionally, there are no furniture removal fees and no transportation costs because the old furniture does not have to go anywhere else. (Who knows? Maybe you will even take out some latent aggression on these pieces, and then the old stuff also becomes therapy on an emotional and psychological level.)

Donate It to a Homeless Shelter

Homeless shelters are in constant need of beds, sleeper sofas and the like for the people they serve. Rather than leave your old furniture curbside for a garbage truck or recycling truck, you can donate it to the shelter where it will bring some much needed comfort to those who have no furniture and no home. Also, be sure to check with warming shelters and abuse shelters in your area, as they may not only need the furniture for their facilities, but also give the furniture away to those individuals and families that they help relocate.