Tips On Framing Your Kindergartener's Art

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Child art is one of the delights of parenting. If your child produces an impressive masterpiece, finding the right frame is a great way to show it off and enhance your child's sense of accomplishment.

If you're having your kindergartener's artwork put in a custom frame, make sure you do all of the following:

Request a signature

Get your child in the habit of signing his or her creations. Make sure that your frame will not only display the painting or drawing your child has created, but also a signature that tells passers-by who the artist is. This will encourage your child to take pride and develop a sense of accomplishment. 

Prevent smudging

A kindergartner's artwork might be composed of thick globs of paint, crayon, or charcoal. Use a hair dryer to help paint dry. If you're dealing with a pencil, crayon, or charcoal drawing, you can purchase a spray fixative at a craft store that will prevent the image from smudging. 

Think about where you're planning to hang it

Typically, you would want to hang a picture at the eye level of the average adult. This is about 5'6" from the floor. If you're putting artwork on display for the entire family in the living room, this is fine. 

However, you might want to place artwork a little lower on the wall if it's in the kids' room so that younger viewers will be able to appreciate it. If you're hanging multiple paintings, you should be consistent with leaving between 2" to 4" between each frame horizontally and vertically to create an organized, professional look. 

Work with the colors

Placing a custom frame around a child's artwork offers both you and your child a great opportunity to learn about color theory. Get a color wheel so you can hold various hues up against the artwork and decide together which color best complements the image. 

Colors opposite one another on the color wheel are contrasting colors. Artwork might appear dissonant if you choose a frame with a color that contrasts with the primary colors of the artwork. 

Traditionally, the frame color should be a neutral color like white, beige, black, grey, or gold. However, it can also look great if you choose a frame color that's only slightly prevalent in the artwork. This can highlight specific portions and figures in the image and enhance the appearance of the framed picture from a distance. 

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