Removing Urine Stains out of Mattresses

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Bed wetting is a fairly common occurrence that can happen in any home with young children. In fact, as many as 7 million children in the US alone are bed wetters. If this is a problem you have in your home, you can rest easy that your child will probably outgrow this condition by the time they hit their teens. In the meantime you may have urine-stained mattresses to worry about. Since getting urine out of mattresses can be tricky, it's important to know the best ways to clean them so you don't have to buy a replacement. Here are a few great ways to get urine stains out of your mattresses so they look (and smell) good as new.

White vinegar

Regular white vinegar is a great bacteria-cleaning natural cleanser. Simply mix equal parts of white vinegar and water, spray the affected area liberally, then place your mattress outdoors where it can dry completely. You want to make sure the vinegar and water mixture penetrates deeply into the mattress to reach the set-in urine. Once the mattress dries, you will not be able to smell the vinegar, and the urine stain and odor will be gone. White vinegar is also excellent for removing milk and juice stains and their accompanying odors.

Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap

Another great remedy for removing urine stains out of mattresses is a combination of ingredients you likely already have in your home. Combine a cup of hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and a drop of dish soap in a spray bottle and shake the bottle until all is mixed. Use the mixture immediately and spray the stain completely. You will see the stain completely lift before your eyes in minutes, and the leftover baking soda residue can be easily wiped away with a rag. This remedy can also be used for pet urine stains.

If you have older stains on your mattresses, these remedies can remove the odor and the stain so you can use your mattresses again. These remedies are considered safe because they are either chemical-free or nearly free of chemicals, and don't leave unhealthy contaminants behind.

If you have bed wetters in your home, you will encounter urine-stained mattresses. The best thing to do is eradicate the stains as quickly as you can. Using either of these two remedies can make your mattresses look and smell good as new again, so you don't have to worry as your children go to bed at night.