Keep It Hip, Daddy-O! 5 Unique Ways To Wow Guests At Your 1950S-Style Wedding

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Want to throw a 1950s wedding that truly rocks? You'll need to do more than hang a few vinyl records and play Elvis Presley songs at your reception. Here are some fabulous and original ways to make an event everyone will love and remember.  

Indoor Furniture

Adding indoor or living room furniture to the wedding reception is a popular trend for very good reasons. Not only does it give guests a place to relax and enjoy conversation or a good drink, it adds ambiance without a lot of effort. Create a seating area with '50s-inspired sofas and matching chairs, a low coffee table and some statement floor lamps from an antique dealer who specializes in mid-century furniture, like Bucks County Estate Traders. Popular 1950s styles that include bold colors, strips, polka dots and vinyl will give your space a welcoming, fun vibe without needing much additional decoration.  


While most couples who want to create a mid-century vintage wedding think of renting or borrowing a vintage car, why not go one step further?  How about a vintage trailer as your getaway vehicle? Many models of restored or replica trailers are available to rent or purchase these days, including wood-framed trailers and teardrop styles. Book a nearby campsite or even park it in a friend's yard as a fun way to continue your '50s-style wedding into the honeymoon. Add that vintage vehicle to pull the trailer and you have an arrival and departure that will keep your guests talking about long after your big day.  

Vintage Signs

Another way to add pizzazz to your wedding is with vintage signs, which can often be purchased from antique dealers or even junk dealers. To create a great backdrop for wedding photos, try a local sign junkyard scrap dealer and search for giant lighted letters comprising the bride and groom's initials. Most bulbs and electrical connections can be repaired if you find the right letters. If you can't find an actual vintage set, check with industrial sign companies in your area to see what they have in inventory. 

Soda Fountain

Whether you are serving free cocktails, have a cash bar or are just handing out punch and soda, give it a twist by creating a '50s-style soda fountain. Start with a simple bar that has space underneath to store the hard liquors out of sight and add some upholstered or vinyl-covered metal stools. Decorate with vintage soda or food signs, neon signs and a small jukebox. In addition to drinks for the adults, be sure to have on hand some ice cream, fruit, nuts and whipped cream to make sundaes for the kids. 


Keep the theme going with a diner experience in your reception's eating area. By laying a checkered flooring material and adding chrome-plated tables and chairs, you've already created the majority of your diner environment. Throw in some framed '50s movie or music posters, vintage signs and a live band or rented jukebox playing tunes from the era. 

Vintage weddings provide great opportunities to be creative and have fun with your theme. If you embrace your chosen era with enthusiasm and imagination, you'll walk away with memories of an event you really loved and made your own.