4 Investment-Level Pieces Of Furniture For Millennials

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One of the hallmarks of the generation referred to as "the millennials" is that they don't like to stay in one place for too long. That can get expensive pretty quickly if your living arrangements change from month to month or year to year. One way this wanderlust can get expensive and restrictive is in buying a new set of furniture for every new apartment or house. For this reason, it's both cost-effective and convenient to invest in some high-quality furniture that will go with any decor and is durable enough to travel wherever the road might take you. Here are four pieces of furniture that will let you set up, look good, and feel good in any environment. 


A nightstand is the perfect piece to bring anywhere because, unlike a bed, the shape and size of a nightstand allows it to be placed anywhere, as opposed to a bed whose size can be a problem in smaller spaces. A classic one-drawer nightstand in a medium, natural wood stain will go with any decor and can be easily maneuvered and placed to fit in anywhere. A key point here, and with the following items as well, is to make sure that your investment pieces are solid wood, which will last longer, be more durable, and look better than furniture made from particle board or other cheap materials. 

Small Dresser

Like the nightstand, you're going to need a dresser anywhere you go, and picking one that's small and neutral will serve you very well wherever you may end up. Picking a narrower one with four drawers will let you use the space on top to display any decorations, or just give you a place to put your keys and deodorant at the end of the day. This configuration will also fit into smaller rooms, but not look out of place in a larger setting.  


Another thing that sets millennials apart from other generations is their ability to work anywhere and anytime, and this productivity shouldn't be hindered by a small apartment or the thought of moving again in six months. One suggestion here to help you save time and energy moving a desk is to skip as many drawers as possible. This will allow you to pick a slightly larger desk, and you can keep files, books, and notebooks in your bag or on top of the desk. 

Full-Length Mirror

Few bedroom accouterments are as underrated as a full-length mirror, especially for a young adult on the move. Making sure that you look presentable whenever you're heading out to a networking event, or to coffee with a friend, is critical in many ways. Investing in a high-quality mirror with a sturdy wooden frame will pay dividends and add to any room. 

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